Progress Log

The aim of this project is to have components of an A320 aircraft cockpit that interface with Microsoft Flight Simulator X & LINDA (Lua Integrated Non-complex Device Assigning).
To start off with, I have started to make the overhead panel.

See below my progress!

Thanks to my graphics teacher for allowing me to use the 3D printer!

Step Description Image
1 Get big sticker of an A320 overhead printed out
2 Build and paint a frame to stick the sticker to.
3 Stick the sticker to the frame (Note: I marked out the area where the sticker would fit and sanded the paint off, to prevent bubbles.)
4 Order resistors, LEDs and 20mm x 500mm acrylic rod.
5 Run copper wire down the back of the board to supply power to the LEDs.
6 Fit switches.
7 3D print knobs for the ADIRS etc. Thanks to my graphics teacher for allowing me to use the printer!
8 Cut square holes to fit the 'korry switches' (The korrys will be made out of a 20mm x 20mm plexiglass cube with a sticker on one end and LEDs and a button stuck to the other end).
9 Fit a test rotary switch in the ADIR panel
10 Cut some plexiglass and mark where to drill and slit
11 Threaded rod and nuts for next week when I will be fitting the korry switches.
12 Korry switch labels printed on card. (I didn't go for silk screen printing in the end as the high cost for the setup. Although if you contact me I can get 5 copies of the designs for £160 so if we half it I can give you a copy.)
13 Here I glued the nuts to the back then screwed the bolts in.
14 Long day wiring up the LEDs
15 Switches in the back board and wires threaded through the holes
16 Lets skip putting all the wires into the controller board. Lets put it up!
15 Overhead panel complete!